Female Waxing Services/Male Waxing


Express Eyebrows... $15
Upper Lip... $10
Chin... $12
Cheek... $12
Nasal... $10
Navel Line... $15

Classic Bikini... $30 | Removes only hair outside the panty line... with tush, $35

Brazilian Bikini Wax... $70
Removes all hair in the front as well as labia hair. The tush is included, but optional. Optional landing strip or inverted triangle in the front, with no extra charge. "Landing strip" applies to the Brazilian waxing only.

Brazilian Maintenance (4-6 weeks) ....$45 | Available maintenance wax 4-6 weeks after first Brazilian from WaxKitten

Brazilian Touch-up (2-4 weeks)    $35   must be under 4 weeks from last Brazilian at Wax Kitten

Full Face... $55 | This service is a package which includes the lip, chin, cheeks, forehead, sideburns and brow shaping.
Partial Face... $25 | This service covers only the lower face including the lip, chin, sideburns, and cheeks.
Full Legs... $ 70 | Removes all leg hair up to, but not including, the bikini line.
Upper Legs... $30 | Removes all hair including the knee up to but not including the bikini line.
Lower Legs... $35 | Removes knee hair down to the ankles, including the feet.
Full Arms... $45 | Includes the hands up to the shoulder.
Partial Arms... $25 | From the elbow down and includes the hands.
Underarms... $20

Patches... $5 - $25

***For areas not on the menu such as the lower stomach, a patch of hair on the leg or the lower back. Please ask, pricing is determined by the Esthetician.


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